Talk dirty to me but whisper please

Ooh yes I like that….no shhhhhh (places hand over his mouth)  Tell me what you like( in a hushed whisper) yes as a married couple we still have great sex 🙂

This seems to be our life with children has made us into undercover covert agents in the bedroom.  Our children bedroom being directly above the master bedroom has taught me to be extremely quiet while pleasing eachother.  Its sort of like a game, we used to just put all the fun to the side. Hurry through four play and wam bam thank you hubby.  Why should our sexcapades be halted just because our 3 yr and 5 yr old are sneaky ninjas that will pop up at your door giggling.  Hearing foot steps down your hallway and stopping in mid air while being sure to not move a muscle ( no matter the climax at stake).

Not only have we been discovered to be giddy couple in love by our boys.

“Mommy is daddy your boyfriend?” says my curious bright-eyed, inquisitive 3yr old.  His in charge older brother chimes in as he has taken this big brother big boy role to another level.  “No daddy is her husband not her boyfriend”. He proceeds to embarrass us all as he tells us we kiss and love each other a bunch.

It still amazes me what they notice and pick up on the affection for each another.  A kiss on the lips, slap on butt here, before we part ways has left them to the conclusion we love each other.  To the little peeping eyes from under the driver head rest as our morning tradition in saying goodbye for the morning has created my boys future relationships.