My kids are making me fat.

Mommy moooommmmeeeeeee I’m hungry! Its 6:59am and they only wake up this early on days off from school. How convenient?!!! My 7year old eats like a 17 yr old and the youngest is picky but never too picky guzzle his juice.
These kids are making me fat!!!

Well I’ve had my morning smoothie so I’m good I feel great no over or emotional eating today.
Got my tea ✅
smoothie ✅

For my boys blueberry pancakes,eggs,juice, strawberries, and maple syrup….. 😩😩. I must taste all to ensure it meets the kids standards of course! Buttery blueberry with maple syrup dripping. One bite turned into 8 then and well I had devoured 4
To guzzle some of that smooth sunny Dee light. Now I feel played this was not what I had planned for my break fast after clearing out my gut and oil pulling this morning. Grrrrr OK OK don’t focus on what you have already put in your stomach. Okay well I’m good now I can stay on track.

After what seems like only 2 min is really 2 hrs of swimming we are all hungry. Im ready for my fruit and veggies. Preparing lunch; fruit,sandwiches, and chips water good balance and no junk!. Four sandwiches, bbQ chips banana and berries. By this time I be munched some celery , mango drank plenty sparking soda taken two bites of their sandwiches and eaten a handful of chips. Help! I’m always amazed at how my sandwich artistry has improved. Even spread variety of toppings gourmet trimming perfectly placed tomatoes and lettuce wah lah 💅. Chomp! chomp ! How could I resist? The kids are making me fat!!!!