As a free queen my duty is to breath life, positive vibes,and love any chance I get.  To stand firm in what is love and to be mindful of my words.   My vision for us as women is to unite and to take back our role in the family. With the daunting task as creators of life, we sometimes loose track of our individuality.  With wiping tears suckling a baby rubbing our lovers back to being a daughter sister and confidant, we still must uplift one another. Encourage self to not loose sight of her needs and desires.  I hope to bring together the lost so we may share our triumphs, truths and experiences without judgement.  Teaching one another valuable skills we’ve come to take for granted. Such as caring for our children battling the work place while nurturing our children. Remaining true to ourselves while living for our families.  When you sit and think about all the women/mothers you know. Think about how they have helped you no matter how small. A universal woman with local ties.  Yearning to share my perspective on life and all the treasures it brings through words pictures and good energy.

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