Fragile and light sad but right knowing what the end will bring makes it all seem pointless the devil is riding her pulling her hair wiping her make up until it smears feeding her twinkies and 40 ounces.  She only wants the nonstop emotion to stall her tears  to stop the hurt depression sadness heart wrenching regret to go away. For a moment in time so she can feel what ever happiness feels like again.The sun shines but a cloud follows her like a guy in the friend zone.  She can shake it but the rain never stops. Sunshine only passes by asking me to come with him. I cant my emotions wont stop choking me stalling me riding my back like a nagging door to door sales man.  Stop! think of happy things, well each moment has sadness attached. Slowly pulling her back down turning her smile upside down.  its in her eyes even when faking to make the others more comfortable. her dark sense of self always feels her entire being.  mystery secrets only left within her only she knows why or maybe not  so many times it has caused her to self destruct to end.


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