A Mother Behind Bars.

Fold this wash that rub my back This hurts and I don’t feel  good. Projects coming due and shoot now my dinner is burning. Over grown eyebrows and prickly legs. Under the eye bags tell how long I’ve been without sleep.   My 2-year-old is hanging on my neck as I type, telling me to wook (look) at cat woman mama,  you cat girl?  With an inquisitive look in his eyes and bad breath inches from my nose.   “Yes mommy is cat girl” I reply hoping he will trot back to the couch, and leave me be.  The oldest keeps say “woo woo” every time Halle Berry enters the screen in her cat woman attire….like when did he start cat calling women. Nonetheless, I haven’t had a full Saturday to my self in over 5 years, the above is what I deal with at home.  With a house full of men I find myself saying “STOP”!, “Get your hands out of your pants!  Who left pee on the floor?!  What do you guys want to eat?! No eat your veggies or no dessert  Did you brush your teeth?! Stop fighting, sit down blah.  At times I’ve let complete mayhem swirl around me while in a daze.  Giving short answers to satisfy the million and one questions hurled at me daily.  Right  now a little underwear clad child is in my right ear asking “is that cat girl where is she!?”

At times circumstances can leave a person feeling hopeless, boxed in and without a way to break free.  Break free from the mundane day in and out duties. I have found that after working a full day our job does not end when I arrive home. I straighten my mommy hat and starting assigning jobs to each little rascal.  Whether you are taking care of kid(s)  alone or with a significant other we know it can still feel overwhelming.  There have been times where you have felt like you were being held against your will. I mean with no babysitter or way to leave without your children in tow….thats a form of prison.  Time to renew oneself, to have mini conversations in your head or out loud, without interruption.  You can barely go to the restroom without a little shadow squeezing through the door, to only ask you a gazillion questions.

Among mothering, I wear many hats lets not forget the cleaning cooking performing my wifely duties. The  tutor/teacher/ with the influx of kindergarten basics, sight words, reading, math.  Yes I moon light as a doctor curing the running noses bloody cuts, from the mock battle they have everyday in the play room.  Its nonstop, for a lot of us, the 0-100 type days are an everyday thing.  How do you take time out for you?  Is it like many of us , by hiding in the bathroom even if only for a few moments.  Only for my husband to come to door, with “babe you alright”  or little fingers to appear under the door, like a zombie out of a horror movie.


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